Monday, 2 November 2015

Scavenger Hunt - October 2015

Another month that I struggled and cheated to get a full set. I think that now it is dark when I leave work I need to get out at the weekends to take some photos but, it always seems to be dull or wet and inspiration is difficult to come by. Must do better in November.

1. Question

Well what is he thinking ? The statue of Freddie Gilroy by Ray Lonsdale on Scarborough sea front.

2. Cream

Caffé Bertorelli at Newbiggin Northumberland. A traditional ice cream maker, but on this October day they were not selling any ice cream but the building was cream.

3. Number

The head plate on an engine in the National Railway Museum

4. Lattice

This is an architect's model of the new extension of King's Cross Station showing the lattice of steel supporting the arched roof.

5. Familiar

Familiar items wrapped up in brown paper to illustrate carriage of parcels in the goods van on the railway.

6. Ring

A ring on the plaque commemorating a ringing of our country by kayak.

7. Today

Today in York the fog never lifted and here is the Millennium Bridge in the evening murk.

8. Down

"Poppies Weeping Window" at Woodhorn Museum part of the installation "Blood Swept the Land and Seas of Red" by Paul Cummins (artist) and Tom Piper (designer) from the Tower of London and now on tour. Here at Woodhorn they were weeping down from the pit winding wheel rather than from a window. Originally there were 888,246 poppies, each one representing a British or colonial death during the conflict of the 1914-18 War.

9. Writing

I remember Spratt's advertising boards from my childhood. The one I liked had Spratt's written in the from of a Scottie Dog. This one I assume is a Canary.

 10. Many

The Weeping Poppies, Originally there were 888,246 poppies, each one representing a British or colonial death during the conflict of the 1914-18 War.

11. Broken

At "The Angel of the North" the sun had nearly broken through!

 12. Whatever you Want 

Not a good picture, but it had to be taken through the glass window as the door was locked. This sculpture is "Scavenger" and was by Gary McCann. The crow is over 8 foot tall and was inhabiting the Banqueting House at Studley Royal this summer and autumn.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Friday 9th October - Studley Royal Water Garden

 A walk through the woods
Brings you to Surprise View looking down to Fountains Abbey

 The autumn colours are now really beginning to develop.

 Returning along the Canal

With the Half Moon Pond overlooked by the Octagonal Tower and with its own Temple

 Leading to the The Cascade

The changing light changes the character of the lake by the minute

 The plentiful fungus were being nibbled by something.

Could it be a Fallow Deer?

I think this Red Deer Stag had other things on his mind

Friday 2nd October - Sutton Bank

It was a lovely Autumn afternoon and just right for a walk. Unfortunately the autumn colours had not developed as much as they have done at home.

The afternoon sun was really hitting the cliff face full on, I always think it is a quite yellow stone and am surprised that it is called the Whitestone Cliff. I think I need to work out how to achieve the panorama shots with my camera because, as you can see, this one is all over the place and didn't join up properly.

A surprise at the farm was that they had two very dark pigs (are these farmed wild boar?).

They were certainly friendly but at least we didn't have to cross their field.

Walking round Lake Gormire and through Garbutt Wood there were plenty of fungi coming through. I suppose it had been quite wet during the week.

This shot sums up autumn for me with the toadstool and the colours of the fallen leaves but still some nice greens mainly in the fern leaves.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Scavenger Hunt - September 2015

I am sorry that I am rather late in posting this month. Unfortunately I have been without phone or broadband through my landline for the last 8 days. Anyway, I am back on line now, so I can post my September pictures. Another month where I did not find it easy, but it was the ones that should have been easy that I found difficult! So here we go:

  1. Woven

    This Kangaroo was at Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby. It was inspired by the George Stubbs painting “The Kongouro from New Holland” which was on temporary loan in Whitby. Unforgiveably I omitted the name of the sculptor which is Emma Stothard who lives in Whitby. Her web-site page about the kangaroo is

  1. Repeating
    The pattern of brick work on a new office block being built in York, it might almost have been woven.
  1. Greedy
    One of these Rose Sawfly caterpillars eats the leaves on a rose briar in my garden each year.
  1. Flowers
     I think these are Rudbeckia flowers.
  1. Curly
    I love these curly cabbages which were on sale at a florists in Pitlochry. In England they are used for colourful winter bedding.
  1. Adventures
     If you go down to the woods today...
  1. Line
In this case The Highland line running through Pitlochry Station,
  and a little further north passing over the viaduct in Killiekrankie Pass.
  1. Mesmerising
    A Heron staring at the canal until the fish comes within catching range.
  1. Triangle
     A warning triangle apparently for cyclists on National Cycle Route 7. And, yes, there were,

  1. Dreamy
     I loved these clouds building up on a summer's afternoon.
  1. Day
     Well somebody's Big Day.
  1. Whatever you want

    These are “The Kelpies” at Falkirk in Scotland. The two 30 metre high sculptures of horse's heads either side of the canal were created by Andy Scott in 2013