Sunday, 31 May 2015

Thursday Evening - Showers and Rainbows Whitby

Another after work outing, this time across the moors to Whitby

Just arrived in time for a sharp shower which had everybody diving for cover. Then a walk up the Abbey Steps to work off tea. The rainbow was now amongst the Abbey buildings.

The wall plants were in flower.
 Ivy-leaved toadflax and

Wall flower itself.

Then back along the harbour
I'm tempted to say a Dinosaur in the footpath, but I assume this is a representation of  Plesiosaurus propinquus (now designated Rhomaleosaurus zetlandicus). Found at Kettleness in the summer of 1844 in an alum quarry and now on display in Whitby Museum.A reptile, not a dinodsaur.
Sea weathered wood

 and sea weathered stone.


  1. Nice photos John, I love the rainbow over the abbey ruins.

  2. Thanks for helping me with identifying the plants in the wall. I think you're right about the fumitory - it wasn't in the guide I used but I've checked the photos against some on the internet.
    Lovely photos of Whitby - we stayed there a couple of years ago and loved it.