Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tuesday Evening Walk

Tuesday evening saw me at Thornton Dale for a walk after work.

We started from the car park and followed the beck northwards through the village and past the Old Mill House. A few hundred yards past the last buildings there was a Treecreeper working along the fence posts by the stream. It walked quickly up the post without appearing to take any food and then flew down to the base of the next post along and then repeated the procedure. I was not quick enough with my camera so no pictures were taken. It must have searched nearly 10 fence posts this way before it flew off to the woods.

We continued along the beck side path to Ellerburn and then continued north on the rough road into Daly Forest. Just before entering the woodland there is a boggy patch where Primroses and Violets are still in flower along with the first Valerian flowers. Quite a mixture for late May.

After missing our turning we back tracked to find the bridge. Crossing over the beck we returned south through the trout farm, where the trout were leaping out of the water for flies. It is amazing how they are able to get there bodies and tails completely above the water surface by serveral inches. But here were sheep that took an interest in me and walked towards me rather than running away. Much more photogenic!

So returned though Ellerburn and back along the same beckside paths to the car. Still daylight at 9 o'clock.  A nice 5½ mile walk and all done after a day's work!

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