Monday, 8 June 2015

Friday Afternoon - Appleton-le-Moors and Sinnington

The first hot day of summer, but as we neared Appleton at nearly 4 o'clock the temperature fell back to a more reasonable level, which was very pleasant for walking. The woods between Appleton, Sinnington and Cropton make my favourite spring walks. However this year I was rather late for the best of the spring flowers.
Columbine - Aquilegia vulgaris, surprisingly growing in the edge of an arable field
The path through the woods lined with Ramsons - Allium ursinum - on such a warm day it made a garlic scented walk through the woods
 Bugle - Ajuga reptans
 A beautiful old gate going to nowhere
 Wild Holly - Ilex aquifolium it looks as though it will be a good year for berries
 The River Seven at Sinnington
I thought this was a recent sundial as I did not remember seeing it before. However after some research it would appear that I was wrong and that there has been a sundial on the bridge since 1769. 
The bridge is a listed building and the listing in November 1953 states "The south-west pier has
no cap but carries a sundial made by Richardson of Helmsley and dated 1769". I can't think that this is the original sundial, but it must be a replacement. Further comment suggests that there are only four bridges in the British Isles that have sundials on them.
 A meadow which is open access land at present

Early Purple Orchid - Orchis mascula - there was a nice patch of these in flower, but a week earlier would have been better
Marsh Thistle - Cirsium palustre