Thursday, 2 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt - June 2015

I was on holiday for the last two weeks of June, so I tried to complete the project before I went to Austria. I then decided to have another attempt whilst I was away thinking that I could submit two attempts. That didn't work out, so here are the merged results of both attempts.

1. J is for.....
Jerome K Jerome - blue plaque on a house where he lived for a year in Lonfdon. Lenin lived in the house next door some years later.

2. Rust
A sculpture along a riverside walk in Austria

Excessive use of Brasso on a solicitors name plate

4. Imagination
Spray painters re-creating a door where it has long since been bricked up.

5. Classic
A vintage Steyr coach still in use for tours in Jenbach in Austria

6. Similar
The hundreds of chairs on a chair lift at Ramsau in Austria. The sensation of sailing silently over the trees was absolutely amazing.

7. Parallel
Rail tracks at the terminal of the Zillertalbahn in Mayrhofen Austria. As a passenger I don' think they look quite as parallel as I would have hoped!

8. Socks

9. Bead
Yes, as the snow melts you get beads of water on your coat, if you insist in walking in he mountains in June in Austria.

10. Mug

It seems perverse to say that I struggled with this one. I have collected mugs for years. This is a 1 pint Hornsea Pottery Mug which depicts drinkers at a bar, from the old beer drinkers on this side round to the girls at the cocktail bar on the other side.

11. Post
A post on Whitby Pier showing the effects of the waves and weather over the years.

12. Whatever you want
Two Marmots in one of the high valleys in the Austrian Alps.


  1. Super scavenger hunt submission John, plenty of great photos here.

    1. Thanks Ian. I've got loads to sort out having brought back far too many photos from Austia. Hopefully I will gradually catch up.

  2. Well done Ian , I was wondering were you were. Hope you had a good time and did you get a photo of a Austrian sheep !!!
    Another good set of photos for the hunt, and I must get my act together for next month..
    Amanda xx

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed your selection of photos from home and away :) I'll start where you ended ~ what a great photo of those two marmots! I bet they are sharing their good fortune on being highlighted on the Scavenger Hunt! The spray painted doorway is very effective ~ someone had a great idea. Sweet socks on the cat,, and a very interesting mug. Bet it was a fabulous experience on the lift... Looks like a lovely holiday :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. So many great photos, I really like smooth, rust, classic, bead and whatever you want. Greenthumb

  5. Great interpretations. Rust, smooth, socks and those marmots are my favourites. x