Sunday, 2 August 2015

Scavenger Hunt - July 2015

I have to admit defeat this month. My intention was onlt to use pictures taken during the month, but this month I have "had" to use 3 pictures from June to make up the set.

1. D is for....
Dog, guarding the washing and who would risk it?

2. Wide
It's a wrap, a crescent of houses under cover for building work
3. Edge
Sitting on the edge of the Ouse outside one of York's riverside pubs.
4. Cylindrical
 A defensive tower guarding the Northern entrance to York on the river bank
5. Feelings
I think the feeling was elation, they had just shot the rapids and were still in the boat!
6. Mysterious
A devil on York Minster, I think just for decoration, it can't be a gargoyle as there is no room for water to come out of it's mouth.

7. Weed
Bramble growing on a wall, yes the same wall and same bramble as in picture 4
8. Joke
Well if not a joke they were wearing the jackets for a bet.

9. Pile
A pile of Pelargoniums
 10. Speed
Definitely speed and definitely not fast.

11. Night
 Nearly full moon over Clifford's Tower in York

12. Whatever you want
Another of the "Night" pictures I took in York, this one is The Mansion House and St Helen's Square after a day of rain.