Sunday, 2 August 2015

Scavenger Hunt - July 2015

I have to admit defeat this month. My intention was onlt to use pictures taken during the month, but this month I have "had" to use 3 pictures from June to make up the set.

1. D is for....
Dog, guarding the washing and who would risk it?

2. Wide
It's a wrap, a crescent of houses under cover for building work
3. Edge
Sitting on the edge of the Ouse outside one of York's riverside pubs.
4. Cylindrical
 A defensive tower guarding the Northern entrance to York on the river bank
5. Feelings
I think the feeling was elation, they had just shot the rapids and were still in the boat!
6. Mysterious
A devil on York Minster, I think just for decoration, it can't be a gargoyle as there is no room for water to come out of it's mouth.

7. Weed
Bramble growing on a wall, yes the same wall and same bramble as in picture 4
8. Joke
Well if not a joke they were wearing the jackets for a bet.

9. Pile
A pile of Pelargoniums
 10. Speed
Definitely speed and definitely not fast.

11. Night
 Nearly full moon over Clifford's Tower in York

12. Whatever you want
Another of the "Night" pictures I took in York, this one is The Mansion House and St Helen's Square after a day of rain.


  1. A great collection - I like the night photos and those 'joke' shirts!

  2. The Night photos is gorgeous, John! The color of the sky is rich and vibrant. The dog guarding the laundry was precious and I loved all the textures in Edge. Well done!

  3. Great set John, glad you managed, best ones are the dog guarding the washing and your night time photos...
    Amanda xx

  4. Your Night photos are really lovely and I also liked Edge.
    Hope to see you next time.

  5. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. Sorry for the late comment but I have been sick. I really like your photos of D, edge, and weed. Greenthumb

  6. Great photos! I love the weed poking out of the walll.
    I think the elation on the rafters' faces is brilliant! I love it when you can capture something like that, especially a collective emotion! The edge photo is a great candid moment too!
    P.S. sorry I am late visiting, I always visit after I've done mine and I'm er- a little bit late for the hunt!x