Thursday, 7 January 2016

Scavenger Hunt December 2015

It's been so long since I completed a Scavenger Hunt that I had forgotten how to use Blogger to post the results. I'm late as usual but that's because I have just got back from spending Christmas and New Year in Spain. It certainly helps having some sunny dry weather to get out and take some photographs.

1. Joy

A shop that sells Joy? I guess that's the promise of most Jeweller's shops

2. Together

On the beach

3. Tree

There were quite a few of these trees planted in a little scrubby park area by the river. I think they are probably one of the Paper Birch varieties.

4. Ornament

There ia a lot of ornament on the early 1900 houses in Valencia, I particularly liked these Rose decorations.

5. Light

A sort of Christmas Tree and light all in one.

6. Christmas

Either Father Christmas paying a visit or a camouflaged burglar. A very popular decoration on balconies in Spain.

7. Sparkle

All the Sparklies in one window.

8. Giving

The Three Kings in procession passing Abu Simbel Temples in Egypt. Part of the large Bethlehem in Valencia's main Market Hall. All leading up to the Spanish Festival of The Three Kings on the evening of 5 January when Gifts are exchanged in Spain.

9. Food

My lunch time "sandwich" and very tasty it was too.

10. Red

I didn't get it either, but definitely Red, decoration in a bar.

11. Kitchen

Having been away for Christmas and New Year I didn't see the inside of a kitchen for two weeks, and you certainly wouldn't want to see my kitchen! So, what you need is a new Paella Pan, we can do you any size from 4 foot diameter downwards.

12. Whatever you Want

Two ladies debating the quality of the produce at Valencia Market. Whatever they are I don't think they were impressed. This was at closing time and there look to be a lot left.




  1. How nice to spend Christmas in the dry! hope you had a good time.
    Fingers crossed I will get some photos for January.
    Amanda xx

  2. Lovely selection of photos - hope you had a great time. So glad you enjoyed the Dave Goulson books by the way and thank you for letting me know :)