Monday, 18 January 2016

Wedneday 13 January - North Newbald

I had found an old magazine clipping of a walk at North Newbald from Country Walking Magazine (January 2007), so hoping that the Wolds would be relatively dry I set off on a sunny morning to try the walk. The first section was along a tarmaced lane, but then the route turned northwards into Houghton Moor Woods. Although still following a track the various vehicles had churned the damp ground.

Still it was possible to get through and avoid the worst of the mud. At the north end of the wood I emerged into farmland with Beware of the Bull signs.
No, as usual, they were all cows. But then
there were three magnificent bulls in the field next to the path. After that I took a bit more care to check the fields before I crossed the stile, but thankfully I was never sharing a field with a bull or a cow. I then emerged on to a minor road near Houghton Hall which has some large lakes and a flock of Greylag Geese took to the air.
Coming round towards Sancton village I passed the first Hazel Catkins I had seen this year.
Having looked more carefully when I got home I can also see the red filaments of the female flower on the twig about halfway along the catkin (sorry originally this was wrong).
Sancton Church has lovely octagonal tower and sits very well just above the main road through the village.
Just after passing through the village I found a seat where I was able to eat my sandwiches in a small area owned and looked after by Sancton Parish Council.

So thanks to Titch & Neil, I had my lunch and flask of coffee in comfort.
This was the start of a dry valley rising up to Arras Wold and there were loads of birds feeding in the stubble fields on one side of the valley including a green Woodpecker.
Eventually at the top of the valley I joined the Wolds Way briefly before returning to North Newbald.


  1. Looks a really lovely walk (apart from the bulls!!). The church looks very interesting. I've seen hazel catkins recently but haven't yet been able to find any of the male flowers. A great post and photos :)

    1. Thanks, yes it was a lovely walk and I like seeing the bulls. I must admit to having assumed from the state of the church building that it was Victorian. However Pevsner says the tower is C15 and the chuch was rebuilt in 1869-71 by JB&W Atkinson. As is often the case it was locked but there were phone numbers for 2 keyholders, but I didn't follow them up so didn't get to look inside.

  2. A lovely walk and great to see that the hazels catkins are starting to open on t' other side of Wolds :-) Sancton is an interesting and distinctive church isn't it, though it is a shame that the area is somewhat blighted by the busy road which cuts through the village.

    Thanks for following my blog by the way :-)