Monday, 25 January 2016

Wednesday 20 January - Studley Roger

The weather forecast was for a decent day, so I decided to go over to Ripon and walk near Fountains Abbey, one of my favourite winter walks. I struggle at the start of the year to decide which are new flowers and which are scruffy leftovers waiting for the frost and winter weather to finish them off. Ivy is a winter flowering plant starting long before Christmas but this plant had some fresh looking flowers as well as some which had already set  and were beginning to form the berries.

Next a clump of Snowdrops on the far side of the river. There were no nearby gardens, houses or rubbish tips so I thought the original bulbs must have been washed down the river by a flood. Then to form the several large clumps they must have been seeding for some years. So these I am claiming as wild although I believe all Snowdrops are garden escapes.
There was a lot of shooting going on throughout the day, but I found this Pheasant trapped against a fence but unworried by my presence.
Because I was walking through the farmland to the south of the Abbey the view suddenly opened up with the Abbey sitting in the valley below. This can only be seen in winter because in summer the leaves on the trees block this view.
Soon afterwards, from the Markington Road there is a clear view across to Fountains Hall showing the smart layout of the building. From the Abbey grounds you get rather caught up below the Yew hedges and struggle to get a clear view.

I then walked back to the Studley Royal Car Park through the Studley Royal Water Gardens

As the sun got low in the sky it began to light up the trees and buildings and more patches of blue sky showed through the clouds.

As I drove away from the car park down the long drive the light was hitting Ripon Minster in the distance. It seems as though the setting sun is directly aligned with the drive, but why did I not see that electricity cable until I got home?

Looking backwards the drive and the sun are aligned with St Mary's Church at the top of the hill. 

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  1. What a lovely walk, have to say it's one of my favourite places to visit...( I managed the scavenger hunt this month :)
    Amanda xx