Friday, 19 February 2016

Thursday 19th February - Millington

A late start to a walk after a very wet day on Wednesday. The ground was very wet and muddy even on the top of the chalk Wolds. However it was a beautifully sunny afternoon.

Sylvan Dale, one of the many dry valleys leading down to Millington Pastures taken from the Wolds Way

The Gorse now pretty much in full flower.

 In the dale both a Red Kite and a Common Buzzard
 I only saw the buzzard when I got home, it is sitting in the top of the bushes in this first shot.

 The moon looked very big, but it always does if you can see it this close to ground level.

Finally a very polite and graphic sign posted by the farmer.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Monday 15th February - Sutton Bank

I started north from York up the A19 on a beautiful sunny morning, as I approached Thirsk the top of Sutton Bank was shrouded in cloud and I started the ascent I realised I was running into snow. The main road was clear but as soon as I turned into White Horse Bank I realised I would be driving on the snow, so I parked up before tackling the bank.
As it turned out I probably shouldn't have worried as the snow was melting away the further down the road I went.  Snowdrops and snow in the wood.


 At the bottom of White Horse Bank no snow at all!

 But as I climbed up the path under the gliding field I was going back into the snow.

 At the top, by early afternoon, down to a thin covering, but still enough for snowballs.

It could still look quite threatening when the clouds closed in, but luckily they usually blew away as quickly as they came.

  At the top a melting snowman looking quite sad.

 The view across Lake Gormire towards Thirlby and Felixkirk

 Through the woods nearly all was melted

 The climb back up from Southwoods Lodge. As I got higher the snow became more obvious again

 The Cleveland Way Path running along the edge of the escarpment

Monday, 15 February 2016

Saturday 13th February - Heslington Tillmire

On Wednesday I saw the herd of Fallow Deer, today it was a different species of deer, but I only just saw the tail end of the animals as they leaped out of the field into a small wood.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, but I believe the shape of the white rump and the fact that the tail is all white makes these two Roe Deer.

Further round the walk a Barn Owl was hunting on the Tillmire. It had little problem in catching its prey and regularly swooped down into the vegetation landing out of sight. By the length of time it spent down on the ground it must have been eating its prey before flying up to hunt again. Several times it just settled on the fence but we never saw it actually eating anything so do not know what it was catching. This was round about 3:00pm so it was a good two hours before darkness fell.

My final surprise was that a patch of Primroses were in flower beyond the ditch. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Wednesday 10 February - Heslington Tillmire

Heslington Tillmire is my local patch, when I don't have a lot of time I will walk from my house and walk round to the Tillmire. It gives me a 4½ mile walk which is mainly over farm land and round the edge of a golf course but at the furthest point I reach the Tillmire. This is an are of uncultivated land that is part of one of the strays of the City of York. It is not miss named and so far this year I have only wanted to go round the edge the middle is still very wet.

But there are signs of spring in the farmland

Starting the ploughing, this is shooting land so they may have been waiting for the final shoot of the season before ploughing up the fields.

I am noticing more lichens and mosses growing, I am convinced this is down to me not looking or seeing them previously.

The Hawthorn leaves are beginning to break out.

On the golf course there are a lot of Laurel bushes and these are now coming into flower.

The highlight of my walk was my first sighting of the Fallow Deer herd this year. There are about 20 deer with one buck in antler. These deer always seem to be on the farm land and not in the woods or on the rough land, but maybe I only see them when they are in the open. As I walked past they gradually became more nervous and started to stand up, I was still a long way from them and there is no cover in the field to approach any closer.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Scavenger Hunt January 2015

I am not creative enough to come up with my own subjects so I went back to January 2015, which was before I "joined", and used those as my subjects for the month. One of my friends gave me a gentle reminder that I had not posted anything yet. So here goes:

1. Something new
This is in Valencia and was a display of new Ford cars, they have a large manufacturing plant in Valencia, parked at the City of Science and Arts. The shallow pool is a permanent feature allowing terrific reflections.
2. Landscape
The Temple of the Four Winds on the Castle Howard Estate. The whole landscape round Castle Howard has been created to give surprising views as you emerge from woods or from behind hills.
3. Words
An old railway Notice Board from the National Railway Museum in York

4. Cold
Not either a good or an exciting photograph. When I decided that I would use January 2015 subjects I thought this is easy, all I have to do is go a photograph some hoar frost on some plants, excellent! There was no further frost in my part of Yorkshire until on one walk at the end of January I realised there was some firmness in the mud and there was a little bit of ice.
5. Bottle
Back to an old photograph of mine taken in Venice. Difficult to see the bottles but it's s shop window display of Bottles of Absinthe.
6. Up High
Illeta Penyes d'Arabi this small islet is at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and is viewed from the cliffs of the Serra Gelada near Benidorm.
7. In the Fridge 
I admit I never did photograph anything in the freezer so I have put two pictures of Texture.

8. Texture
The bark of a fabulous old oak tree.

The art of stone dressing gradually being erased by moss and lichen.

9. Hidden
The Temple of the Four Winds again.

10. Blue
The Mausoleum at Castle Howard against a blue January sky, quite a rare sight in this part of the world.

11. Big
Another tower block being built in Benidorm this time with a super gold coloured cladding.

12. Whatever you Want

The evening setting sun at Studley Royal near Ripon.

As ever thanks go to Greenthumb for hosting the scavenger hunt and doing, what I now realise is, the hard work of choosing the subjects!  And I am so pleased we have subjects again for February
You can see more photo collections Greenthumb's Scavenger Hunt page: