Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Monday 15th February - Sutton Bank

I started north from York up the A19 on a beautiful sunny morning, as I approached Thirsk the top of Sutton Bank was shrouded in cloud and I started the ascent I realised I was running into snow. The main road was clear but as soon as I turned into White Horse Bank I realised I would be driving on the snow, so I parked up before tackling the bank.
As it turned out I probably shouldn't have worried as the snow was melting away the further down the road I went.  Snowdrops and snow in the wood.


 At the bottom of White Horse Bank no snow at all!

 But as I climbed up the path under the gliding field I was going back into the snow.

 At the top, by early afternoon, down to a thin covering, but still enough for snowballs.

It could still look quite threatening when the clouds closed in, but luckily they usually blew away as quickly as they came.

  At the top a melting snowman looking quite sad.

 The view across Lake Gormire towards Thirlby and Felixkirk

 Through the woods nearly all was melted

 The climb back up from Southwoods Lodge. As I got higher the snow became more obvious again

 The Cleveland Way Path running along the edge of the escarpment


  1. What a lovely walk, what a difference between snow and no snow in the same place...
    Amanda xx

  2. What a beautiful walk and views :) So nice to see a Snowman - only a brief snow flurry here this winter.

  3. An enjoyable walk and amazing to see the difference what a little bit of altitude can mean as regards the weather! So lovely to see the snow, especially as it has been so rare this winter, whilst the view from above Lake Gormire is stunning :-)