Monday, 15 February 2016

Saturday 13th February - Heslington Tillmire

On Wednesday I saw the herd of Fallow Deer, today it was a different species of deer, but I only just saw the tail end of the animals as they leaped out of the field into a small wood.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, but I believe the shape of the white rump and the fact that the tail is all white makes these two Roe Deer.

Further round the walk a Barn Owl was hunting on the Tillmire. It had little problem in catching its prey and regularly swooped down into the vegetation landing out of sight. By the length of time it spent down on the ground it must have been eating its prey before flying up to hunt again. Several times it just settled on the fence but we never saw it actually eating anything so do not know what it was catching. This was round about 3:00pm so it was a good two hours before darkness fell.

My final surprise was that a patch of Primroses were in flower beyond the ditch. 

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  1. Another interesting walk on your patch John and fantastic to see the hunting Barn Owl. It seems like Barn Owl numbers have finally started to recover in the county after the cold December of 2010 when so many were lost to the freezing conditions and the deep snow.

    Lovely to see the roe deer as well and amazing to see flowering primroses so early in the year.

    Kindest regards :-)