Friday, 19 February 2016

Thursday 19th February - Millington

A late start to a walk after a very wet day on Wednesday. The ground was very wet and muddy even on the top of the chalk Wolds. However it was a beautifully sunny afternoon.

Sylvan Dale, one of the many dry valleys leading down to Millington Pastures taken from the Wolds Way

The Gorse now pretty much in full flower.

 In the dale both a Red Kite and a Common Buzzard
 I only saw the buzzard when I got home, it is sitting in the top of the bushes in this first shot.

 The moon looked very big, but it always does if you can see it this close to ground level.

Finally a very polite and graphic sign posted by the farmer.


  1. Lovely photos John, the Millington Dale area is one of my favourite parts of the Wolds with so many different valleys to explore :-) Sylvan Dale is certainly one of the most interesting and the spring-fed pond is a magnet for birds and other wildlife since open water is so rare up here on the Wolds.

  2. Lovely photos, nice blue skies, photo of the moon is great.
    Amanda xx

  3. Hello John. This looks like a lovely walk in some welcome sunshine. The low moon against a bright blue sky looks very striking.