Friday, 12 February 2016

Wednesday 10 February - Heslington Tillmire

Heslington Tillmire is my local patch, when I don't have a lot of time I will walk from my house and walk round to the Tillmire. It gives me a 4½ mile walk which is mainly over farm land and round the edge of a golf course but at the furthest point I reach the Tillmire. This is an are of uncultivated land that is part of one of the strays of the City of York. It is not miss named and so far this year I have only wanted to go round the edge the middle is still very wet.

But there are signs of spring in the farmland

Starting the ploughing, this is shooting land so they may have been waiting for the final shoot of the season before ploughing up the fields.

I am noticing more lichens and mosses growing, I am convinced this is down to me not looking or seeing them previously.

The Hawthorn leaves are beginning to break out.

On the golf course there are a lot of Laurel bushes and these are now coming into flower.

The highlight of my walk was my first sighting of the Fallow Deer herd this year. There are about 20 deer with one buck in antler. These deer always seem to be on the farm land and not in the woods or on the rough land, but maybe I only see them when they are in the open. As I walked past they gradually became more nervous and started to stand up, I was still a long way from them and there is no cover in the field to approach any closer.


  1. I had never heard of Tillmire before but I have just been checking out the York Ornithological Groups profile of the area and it certainly looks like an interesting local patch.

    It is amazing to see hawthorn already coming into leaf isn't it, whilst your local laurel is at least a week ahead of those in my garden!

    The lichens and mosses are beautiful and lovely to see the Fallow Deer :-)

    PS. Thanks for the advice as regards cameras, much appreciated :-)

  2. The photos of the lichen are lovely and how bright the moss looks. It's a lovely walk especially if you get to see the Fallow Deer.
    Amanda xx

  3. What a beautiful walk and lovely to see the fallow deer. The lichens and mosses are beautiful - you can see so many when you start to look :) Hawthorn leaves are coming out here too - so early!