Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Friday 22nd April - Lowna and Farndale

Friday afternoon saw me walking with friends in Farndale. Rather than the well known Daffodil Walk from Low Mill to Church Houses I prefer the lower part of the valley starting at Lowna Car Park. Almost immediately we were into the daffodils. In the gardens at home in York the daffodils are pretty much done but here the wild daffodils come into flower later.


Along the path we came upon a Goldfinch that was far from happy to fly away from us. It just sat on the mud looking at us quizzically. Eventually it flew up on to the fence but was soon back in the mud.

At one of the farms there was a super grey cockerel. He had a little flock of black hens to shepherd around.

Up here in the dale it was lambing time and as you can see the lambs were only a few days old. One of them couldn't decide whether the daffodils were for smelling or whether they were for eating. Another had decided that the grass was too cold and wet so it was standing on mother's back to keep warm.

We had started in dull cloudy weather but as the afternoon progressed the sun came out and Farndale was at its spring best. The horses looked as though they wanted to be out of the stable and having a gallop.

In one of the cottage gardens there were some nice cultivated daffodils, easy to tell apart from the wild ones because they are so much bigger without the added help of the fancy doubles.

Walking back from Low Mill over Harland Moor to Lowna.

Finally back to the pub for a meal and a fancy pudding, The Royal Oak at Gillamor.


  1. Looks another wonderful walk - the wild daffodils are beautiful (far more delicate than the cultivated varieties!). The lambs are exceedingly cute - great photos! The pudding looks delicious :)

    Thanks so much for the link to churches in your reply to my comment on your last post. Good to see so many open. Warwickshire isn't particularly good for visiting churches - although more are open in South than North Warks. I was going to visit a new church tomorrow at Rowington but when I checked its kept well and truly locked :( I can understand why fear of theft or vandalism results in this but it is so sad :(

    1. Thanks Ragged Robin, the churches in the South of the East Riding (the closer you get to Hull) get more difficult to access. I guess there is a similar Birmingham effect too. It is sad but understandable.
      I can't say whether the pudding was delicious, it was one of my friends that had it, but she really looked to be enjoying it!

  2. Another nice walk in the sunshine, don't think I will have seen a wild Daffodil, baby Lambs so cute...
    Amanda xx

    1. Hi Amanda, there are a few valleys on the North York Moors that have wild daffodils, but Farndale is by far the best known and has the greatest profusion. Back in the 60's Hull Corporation wanted to flood the valley to make a new reservoir. Luckily they didn't get permission. The other famous ones in the North of England are the Lake District ones as seen by Wordsworth. My Wild Flower Atlas from 1963 suggests that there were 5 of the 10km squares in the old West Riding that had Wild Daffodils but I have no idea of the sites. You will have to watch out for them!