Sunday, 3 April 2016

Scavenger Hunt - March 2016


In my mind your “Local” is a Public House or Bar and here is an old sign on one such building. In England these establishments are struggling and this one has now been converted to a gym.


Despite living in a City I could not connect with this one and ended up with the word from the side of an open topped sightseeing bus.


The wonderful livery on the Duchess of Hamilton steam locomotive.


A leaf from last autumn's leaf fall fast breaking down after the the winter weather.

Street Art

Poetry inscribed on benches, I think you have to read them all to understand the poem.

...of shadows on the Humbri, Humbre, Humber, our mouths to springs that speak in tongues of thirst.”


Pigeons waiting for a night on the tiles,

or these fantastic railway related tiles in the railway museum.


These particular rocks are on the banks of the Humber, and you can see the Humber Bridge (once the longest single span suspension bridge in the world) in the background.


Hair turned to stone, a fine beard on a bust at Nostell Priory.


Only another 59½ miles to go. In March I started walking the Yorkshire Wolds Way one day each week. It starts by the Ferry Boat Inn at Hessle Haven on the banks of the Humber Kingston upon Hull, passes under the Humber Bridge and then turns North in a sweep over the Yorkshire Wolds ending at Filey. It is marked by a number of these acorn topped distance markers and by benches inscribed with poetry. After 2 days walking I have done 25 miles and only have a further 54 miles to walk.


A modern limousine waiting for a night out on the town.

For One

This seat at Nostell Priory could only ever be for one.


Another picture on the Yorkshire Wolds Way, Swin Dale, a dry valley on the chalk near North Newbald.

Overall these pictures are rather lacking in colour, I suppose that is the sign of early spring in England but the weather is changing and we are getting more colour in our landscape now as the hedges are beginning to green up and the first spring flowers are showing.
As ever thanks go to Greenthumb for hosting the Scavenger Hunt.
You can see more photo collections on Greenthumb's Scavenger Hunt page: 


  1. Nice series of pictures John, you have certainly managed to collect a rich variety of photos during the past month :-)

    Particularly enjoyed seeing the 'Duchess', she has got to be one of the most beautiful steam locomotives ever made. Wouldn't it be fantastic to see her actually running on the main-line again!

    Good luck with the remainder of the Wolds Way :-)

    1. Thanks David, the Duchess looks really good and it would be great to see her running in anger on the main line.
      The start and end of the Wolds Way are well served with public transport connections so are eay to walk but the middle is a little daunting!

  2. A lovely selection of photos - Nostell Priory looks rather interesting :)

    A wonderful idea to walk the Wolds Way in stages - hope you enjoy the remainder.

  3. You did well this moth they are a lovely set of photos as well as interesting..
    Amanda xx