Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Tuesday 5 April - Hebden Bridge & Todmorden

Yesterday morning found us at York Station waiting to catch the 9:41 train for Leeds where we changed for Hebden Bridge Station.

Our plan was to follow the waymarked path up to the monument on Stoodley Pike. Then we would descend by the Pennine Way down to Charlestown and finally follow the canal tow path into Todmorden from where we would catch the train back to York.

We started with Bacon Sandwiches and tea in the “Coffee Stop” at Hebden Bridge Station so it was nearly midday before we set off on the walk. On the climb up to Stoodley Pike we passed the first lambs of the season. This one clearly had the right idea and was trying to shelter from the wind in a clump of rushes.


An old barn falling to ruin still had this huge arch which is either supporting the timber truss or being held up by the timber truss. Each time I pass I am surprised that it is still standing.

The other end of the farm has a piece of new building with this old mail box let into the wall.

 Then it was out on to the moors and heading for Stoodley Pike.

 The monument was built in 1856 and through a doorway there is a dark stone spiral staircase that takes you up to a balcony that circles the obelisk giving fine views of the Pennine Way running north and south along the ridge. After having been blown about for 10 minutes we decided it was time to head down.

 Following the Pennine Way back towards Hebden Bridge we descended past a farm at Lower Rough Head which had an old landrover deterioirating in a field.

Below us the canal at Charlestown, the section to the left of the picture shows the missing towpath with exposed pipes that should lie buried beneath the past.

Just 3 miles for us to walk along the towpath to Todmoden, which would have made a fine end to the walk, sadly it was not going to be so. There is still so much work to do repairing the banks of the canal.

Stoodley Pike still visible from the main road in the valley below.

Closed section of path and canal where a landslip has filled in the canal.

Above the landslip the canal has been drained to allow work to be carried out here a section where the canal bank has been broken through by the force of the flood water escaping into the River Calder below.

Back on to the main road, only 1 mile to go.

 Frog looking lost on the towpath

Fish sculptures on the wall at the service station for canal boats at Todmorden. Amazing how some art can add interest to a rather dull wall held together with industrial gabions.

An old shop front still preserved on what is now a cafe.

Journey's end Steak Club at The White Hart next to Todmorden Station.


  1. Good walk, although it does look a bit bleak and cold on the hill side, good bit of fresh air...
    Great set of photos and love the signs, still a lot of damage from the floods..
    Amanda xx

  2. A lovely walk with some stunning views and great photos :) Wonderful to see the lamb and I did like the fish sculptures and the amusing sign about being eaten :)