Thursday, 27 October 2016

Friday 21st October - Studley Royal & Fountains Abbey

We started walking from the car park at Studley Royal and after skirting the north side of the Fountains estate walked west along the valley of the River Skell running in a peaceful valley.

We then walked back towards Fountains Abbey whose tower looms out of the valley.

There was some colour in the trees but the morning continued cloudy and dull.

Fountains Hall across the valley.

On a large oak tree a fungus was weeping. This appears to be an Oak Bracket (Inonotus dryadeus) “exuding reddish liquid drops when in active growth”.

View down to the Abbey ruins.

The path runs just inside the Abbey Wall which is here still standing to a good height apart from the occasional gap.

The farmer had been cutting his hedges and a good crop of holly berries lay discarded on the ground. Nearer Christmas these would be sought after but will, I think, have withered or maybe been eaten by then.

A view from near Plumpton Hall across to Ripon Minster.

In the Valley of the Seven Bridges, lower down the River Skell, the lowest bridge was left high and dry with the water disappearing under ground just before the bridge.

The Sweet Chestnuts appear to have fruited well this year and have not yet all been eaten by the squirrels.

A clump of Shaggy Inkcaps.

Abbey ruins at sunset.


  1. A wonderful post and photographs and it looks a superb walk with so much to see :) We were in North Yorkshire for a few days last month but never had time to visit Fountains Abbey and Studley Water Gardens so it was so good to see your pictures of the area. Hope to return one day and see more of this beautiful part of the country :)

    1. Thanks Caroline, yes I love visiting the Fountains Abbey area, but there is so much to see and do and when you are staying on holiday you have so little time to spend, and you have to keep everyone happy!
      I missed my visit to the Strid Woods this year :-( for me that's a spring trip for the Bluebells and Wood Warblers. I did agree with David's comments, on your blog, about needing to visit Rievaulx Abbey and Byland Abbey as well. But if we are not careful we begin to sound like a branch of "Visit Yorkshire"!

  2. Lovely photos! I've not yet made it to Fountains Abbey.

    1. Thank you Louise. Well worth a visit to Fountains Abbey and perhaps moreso to the Studley Water Gardens and Deer Park if you are in North Yorkshire.