Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Scavenger Hunt February 2016

A mixed and very wet month here which meant that I didn't get out nearly as much as I had hoped. Fortunately relieved on the final weekend by a trip to Spain to do some walking in the sun on the  hills behind Benalmadena. When I look only four of the pictures were taken in England and the rest in Spain.

Holly leaves in the winter sunshine, green in an English winter being in short supply.

Two Red-breasted Geese at Martin Mere, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Collection
 A cool evening in Plaza Espagna, Benalmadena. The scent from the orange blossom in the evenings was amazing.
Somewhere you went
The Alcazaba in Malaga. A fortified Moorish Palace, much smaller than Granada but with various reminders of that Great Moorish palace. "This is the best-preserved alcazaba (from the Arabic al-qasbah, meaning "citadel") in Spain".
The church roof in Mijas. I don't know how many different tiled planes there were on that roof but it was amazing for one building.
The Cuartos de Granada, the palace of the Kings and Governors of the Taifa of Malaga, this is the innermost area of the Alcazaba.
From a low angle
A park bench in the Valley Gardens at Harrogate, the serpents only become visible from a low angle.
On the shelf
Decoration in a Spanish Restaurant.
I loved the golden light illuminating the writing on this name plate of an Italian Restaurant in Spain

 A picture is worth a thousand (very polite) words?
A decorated arch inside the Cuartos de Granada
The manhole covers for the telephone lines in Malaga.
An ironwork grille covering the windows of the church in Benalmadena, the shadow being cast by floodlighting being much softer than those cast by the sun during the day.

As ever thanks go to Greenthumb for hosting the Scavenger Hunt.
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