Thursday, 11 May 2017

May 2017 - Norfolk Coast Path - Day 2 - Blakeney to Burnham Overy Staithe

Day 2 of the walk and after breakfast I could put my boots on and walk straight out of the cottage and straight back on to the Coast Path.
51, High Street, Blakeney, home for the week.

1¼ miles later and I reach Morston Harbour, the departure point for boat trips to see the Seals on Blakeney Point. The first 5 miles of today's walk runs along the edge of National Trust land with farmland on the left and the salt marshes on the right with only occasional creeks coming close to the path.

 Avocets were plentiful on the creaks and pools along the walk.

 It seemed early to me for Poppies to be in flower.

All along this section of coast there were plentiful webs of the Brown Tail caterpillars each marked with two orange dots. These are one of the hairy caterpillars that are said to cause rashes if handled. They have lived through the winter in their webs and will soon be pupating, the moths will be on the wing in July.

Thrift, one of the plants of the coast, both on cliffs and on the edges of the marshland. I think this has always given me pleasure possibly dating from the old three-penny bits which had a representation of the plant on the tails side.

Six miles into the walk and I arrive at the only town on the walk, Wells-next-the-Sea, Wells is a busy little port and had a lot of visitors. I walked out along the flood embankment nearly a mile long and running dead straight to the north. I stopped for my lunch at the Pinewoods Cafe. Which was bright and welcoming and out of the wind!

Not much trade today for the colourful buckets and spades, but the cafe was doing great business with the dog-walkers.

After walking through Holkham Pines and Dunes it was good to come into Burnham Overy Staithe where I would be catching my bus back to Blakeney (change at Wells). The walk was easier today being only just over 14 milles long and I had found the route easier to navigate.

This new house in Burnham Overy Staithe had a large sundial on the wall dated 2015, it's nice to see that there are some new sundials being created, we rather seem to have stopped placing public time pieces now that most people carry a watch or a phone.

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  1. Another wonderful and interesting post. We had hoped to go on one of the seal boat trips if the weather had been better! Found a good pub though where we had a nice meal - The Red Lion at Stiffkey. They do accommodation there which would be useful for a one night stay. Such a lovely area and your photos bring it all to life.