Sunday, 11 June 2017

A Walk along the Wharfe

Friday turned out to be the best day for me to go walking this week. So I decided to walk along the River Wharfe from Tadcaster to Wetherby. By the paths it was just over 9 miles.

This is the bridge at Tadcaster which collapsed into the river on 28 December 2015 splitting the town in two. You can see the new stonework on the middle two arches. The bridge took 13 months to rebuild reopening in February this year. The bridge was first built around 1700 so was just over 300 years old when it collapsed. In the rebuilding the bridge has been widened by cantilevering the footpath out over the river.

The river meanders through meadows between Tadcaster and Newton Kyme. Here some Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus ) growing in the slow running waters at the river's edge.

Newton Kyme Church stands in a field next door to the Hall. It is only accessible on foot from the field, it must be fairly unpleasant walking through the grass on a wet Sunday. St. Andrew's Church is built in local stone and is believed to date from the 12th Century. Some features are dated to 1220. Sadly the church has been kept locked since the brass eagle lectern and an oak sanctuary chair were stolen some years ago.

The path runs along the riverside in Boston Spa passing the old baths. Here a "No Fishing" sign has been carefully let into the tree trunks. However over the years the wood has grown back over the sign completely obliterating the first 4 letters of BOSTON and the word CLUB.

At Boston Spa my route crossed another bridge back to the North bank of the Wharfe into Thorp Arch, the River being the boundary between the two villages. Thorp Arch Bridge was built in 1770 and replaced a ford. It is narrow and traffic can only pass in single file.

The route ends less pleasantly when it crosses the A1M Motorway on the outskirts of Wetherby and then follows busy streets through the middle of the town to the third bridge over the river, completing my walk for the day.

My thanks to Tricky and Carly at FAST for hosting Five On Friday.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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  1. Wanted to say thank you again on the information you gave me on the graves at Adel church, been looking through some of your posts and you have been busy going to many nice places..
    Amanda xx